How to play RareFrens TCG

Commons vs. Rares vs. Illustrators

You can tell a rare apart from a common from the holographic authenticity bar on the bottom right of the card’s portrait.

There are some cards even more hard to find than rares such as limited edition guest artist cards, "Illustrator" cards. Frontline Fren, from the Primal Origins Set, is an example of an Illustrator card. This card was custom designed by the artist Manon Coroni and there are only 15 of them printed in total.

There are five types of cards. Resource, Commands, Permanents, Basic frens and Hype cards.

Resource cards  are like Mana or Energy cards. There are two types. Tendie and Dew. Resource cards are used as fuel to cast command cards,use fren abilities and withdrawal. You can play one Resource card per a turn. To use a resource card you must cycle it which means moving it from resource pool 1 to resource pool 2. At the beginning of your turn before you draw a card, move all the resources from pool 2 to pool 1 to renew them.

Commands are red in color and are like spells or trainer cards. They can only be played during your turn. To play a command you must cycle the required amount of resources. After a command card is played it is put into the Junkpile.

Permanents are blue in color and are like artifacts or enchantments. They can change the way the game is played and last until they are destroyed. Note that Permanents have Hit Points and can be targeted by fren abilities or commands.

Level 1 frens are green in color. They are like creatures. You use your frens to attack your opponents frens or attack perminants. You can play them for free but can only have one active fren in play at a time.  On the bottom right you can see their hit points next to the red heart. To attack you need to use resources. If your active fren dies without a passive fren in play you lose a GBP and search your deck for a random basic fren and put it in play as your active fren. Shuffle your deck afterwards.

Hype cards  are evolved form of frens. You play them on top on top of an active or passive fren already in play. Hype cards no not remove damage counters. Withdrawing a fren does not remove damage counters either.

How to Play

Each player starts with 4 Good Boy Points (GBPs) which are represented as 4 face down cards from a players deck. When you run out of GBP you lose the game. When a active fren dies you draw one of your GBPs.

Each player draws 7 cards. If a player does not have a Level 1 Fren in their hand they discard their hand and draw 6 cards. If they still have no Level 1 Fren the play redraws 5 cards… ect until a player has a Level 1 fren in their hand. If no Level 1 Fren is eventually drawn that player loses the game.

Each player rolls a dice. The player with the high roll goes first. The player that goes first does not draw a card during their first turn. Start the game by playing an active fren and up to two passive frens behind it. Start your turn by moving any resource cards that were used the previous turn from Resource Pool 2 to Resource Pool 1 and then drawing a card. No more than 5 copies of any card may be included in a deck (exceptions for basic Resource Cards and the Apu Apustaja level 1 fren.)

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to learn about the RFTCG fren. If you have any questions about how to play the RF Trading Card game please email us at